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The Windrush Justice Scheme


Introducing our partnership:

We are delighted to announce that we will be partnering with the Action for Race Equality organisation (ARE) to support individuals affected by the Windrush scandal, to make successful applications to the Windrush scheme. We have been selected to receive a grant and organisational support as part of Action for Race Equality’s Windrush Justice programme. The £22,000 grant will support us in our work to ensure each Commonwealth citizen rights are recognised and that they will benefit from this scheme. The Windrush Justice Programme is a three year programme of support launched in June 2022, by national charity, Action for Race Equality, for organisations providing vital advocacy services to those impacted by the Windrush Scandal. It is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, the Mayor of London, AB Charitable Trust, Disrupt Foundation, Network for Social Change and the City Bridge Trust

“Action for Race Equality is a national race equality charity working to end racial disparity in the UK. We champion fairness, challenge race discrimination and pioneer innovative solutions for Black, Asian, Mixed—heritage and ethnic minority groups across employment, education and the criminal justice system.

Its vision is of a society where our communities are free from structural barriers and free to reach their full potential. Young people lie at the heart of ARE’s activities with grassroot organisations, schools, employees, local authorities, and government, ensuring that our work has a widespread and long-lasting impact.” For more info follow ARE on Twitter @AREtweets. Learn more about the charity on this link below:


The Windrush Scandal:

People from the Commonwealth, who arrived in the UK during the post war-period up to 1 January 1973, are commonly described as the “Windrush generation”.

The term “Windrush” refers to the ship MV Empire Windrush, which arrived at Tilbury Docks, Essex in June 1948, bringing citizens of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other islands, as a response to post-war labour shortages.

The Windrush Generation who were settled in the UK on 1 January 1973 were granted in indefinite leave to remain in the UK, under the immigration Act 1971. Under the immigration act 1971, this meant they were lawfully entitled remain in the UK but were not given a document confirming their right to enter or remain.

People who arrived in the UK many years ago and do not have documentation confirming their immigration status have faced difficulties in proving their right to work, to rent property and to access benefits and services to which they are entitled. The Government has apologised to people in this position and has made a commitment to help them get the documents they need.

On 16 April 2018, the Home Secretary established a Taskforce (now known as the Windrush Help Team) to make immediate arrangements to help those who needed it. This included setting up a helpline to get in touch with the Home Office.

The Windrush Scheme is the next step in providing help and support. Learn more about the scheme by clicking on this link:


What will the budget do:

The money will enable us to:

  • Pay caseworkers to support those needing help, as many are undertaking this work in a voluntary capacity which is not suitable
  • Cover admin costs
  • Fund experienced case workers
  • Demonstrate the people we are supporting are citizens by accessing the Windrush Task Force to regulate their status
  • Access and complete applications for the Windrush compensation scheme
  • Signpost to other organisations offering support including signposting more complicated cases to solicitors (providing pro bono support)
  • Enable organisations to mobilise more case workers or volunteers to reach more people to support

We welcome this grant and the specialised programme of support that will be provided by ARE to help us with our advocacy activities. We know these are much needed for many within our communities. This funding will go some way towards meeting that urgent need.

Click on this link to see if your Commonwealth country is listed

Who can apply:

  1. Group 1: Commonwealth citizens who were either settled in the UK before 12 January 1973 or who have the right of abode
  2. Group 2: People of any other nationality who arrived in the UK and had indefinite leave before 1 January 1973
  3. Group 3: People of any nationality, who arrived in the UK between 1 January 1973 and 31 December 1988 and who have settled status
  4. Group 4: A child of a commonwealth citizen parent and the parent was settled in the UK before January 1973 or had a Right of Abode

If you are applying for the following:

  • Primary claimant
  • Close family member
  • Representative of an estate
    This link will take you to the government website where you will find the complete guidance on what forms to apply and which forms you should apply to.


For any further support and guidance to help with applying to the compensation scheme, please do not hesitate to drop an email at or to get in touch our landline is 01217063931

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