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Hyacinth Shirley

-CEO of Genisys ARCt

GENISYS ARCt was founded in October 2015 and works to eliminate barriers of employment in migrant communities both in the UK and Guyana, South America.

MY EXPERIENCE, stems from working with a number of Government Departments and Services, both in the UK and in my earlier years in Guyana, South America. Since embarking to the UK, I have worked as a Regional Manager for The British Armed Forces, West Midlands Fire and Police Service. I have supported a number of Campaigns as Regional Manager for The National Blood Service and The UK Home Office Connecting Communities Projects.

MY AIM is to culminate all that I have learnt in my career and utilise and support these ideals for the greater cause of helping people to thrive and grow within local communities. This is how we help individuals to gain pride of not only themselves but of their local community too. This is Genisys ARCt.


Rohanie Roopnarine - Guyana 

Rohanie is instrumental to our Guyana Project as Volunteer Project Officer. 

Rohanie has collated a feasible study from local people living in the Essequibo Region of Guyana for our Grow A Future Project. 


Babak Momen

CURRENTLY I am studying MSc Business and Management at Aston University. This course has taught me how to operate a business through modules in accounting, marketing, and strategy operations.

FOR FUN In my spare time, I like to go to the gym, compose music and develop software. Currently I am coding a video game.

ROLE I am working as Business Development Manager (part-time) at Genisys ARCt. My role is to help Genisys ARCt to grow by seeking funds for projects, streamlining business processes and creating and nurturing business relationships.


Dunya Maflahi

Digital Marketing Assistant (part-time)

CURRENTLY I am studying full-time BSC Business Management at Aston University. Continuous new thinking and learning is required of a marketer, and it is this aspect that fuels my enthusiasm for marketing. In order to improve performance, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and tactics.

FOR FUN I watch Netflix and Painting

ROLE I am working as Digital Marketing Assistant (part-time) at Genisys ARCt. My role involves producing content for the website, ensuring to deliver content regularly, maintaining and expanding online presence whilst championing partner organisations and charities and regularly circulating social media activity and feedback to team.


Fahima Terki

- Administrator (part-time)

CURRENTLY I am studying part-time Level 3 Business Administration at South and City College of Birmingham. Well-organisational skills and good attention of details are required for an administrator role. This aspect directs my motivation to undertake an administration course. In order to improve my performance, I enjoy experiencing new challenges.

FOR FUN I love to discover new places and take care of my family.

ROLE I am working as Administrator at Genisys ARCt. My role involves dealing with daily emails, handling and responding to all business correspondences, liaising with other members of staff, organising business documentation, answering phone calls, arranging meetings and business travels, seconding the chairperson during meetings, and providing full support and effective administration to the Manager.


Geetanjali Tiwari

-Business Development Manager (part-time)

CURRENTLY I am studying full-time MSc Business Analytics at Aston University. I enjoy playing with data to make profitable decisions and solve problems with regards to different businesses. Every day is different as a Business analyst as we get to wear different hats in different situations, which is why I am passionate about this role.

FOR FUN I play volleyball, travel, watch series and write reviews.

ROLE I am working as Business Development Manager (part-time) at Genisys ARCt. My role involves research to identify new business opportunities to generate revenues and increase profitability through sponsors and partners. It also involves stakeholder management and analysis.


Hassan Rasool

Digital Marketing Assistant (Part-time)

CURRENTLY: I am studying full-time BSC Cybersecurity at Aston University. Good IT skills and coding are required for this Course. I enjoy web designing and it’s something I would want to be involved in the future. Digital Marketing is something I find interesting and would want to learn and enhance my skills at Genisys ARCt.

For Fun: I enjoy playing cricket, playing video games.

Role: I am a digital marketing assistant(part-time) at Genisys ARCt. My role consists of promoting the company on social media and create content for the website and different social media applications.


Nicole Mapani

-Volunteer Researcher and Fundraiser

CURRENTLY, I am currently a third year Neuroscience student with passion for ethical and socially sustainable policies. For Genisys, I am an overseas researcher and fundraiser for Guyana South America.

FOR FUN, I enjoy sketching and I am an avid reader. I also enjoy hula hooping.

MY EXPERIENCE at Genisys ARCt involves fundraising and researching activities. Recently, I have been undergoing research on the study and effects of ’Poverty’, in accordance with the Birmingham Commonwealth 2022 Games ’United’ Project.


Paul Aldea

-Website Designer

CURRENTLY, I am a student at the University of Birmingham, studying BSc Computer Science.

FOR FUN, I like to create various sites. Also, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

MY EXPERIENCE at Genisys ARCt has made a significant improvement in my teamwork skills. I learned how to develop a CMS website and new Web Technologies.

Birmingham Commonwealth

Genisys ARCt is a registered charity in England No. 1180872
Fairgate House, 205 Kings Road, Birmingham, B11 2AA