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Student Work Placement

Industry Specific Student Work Placement

As part of a student's T Levels support, local organisations can request to provide student’s 16-19 years old an ‘industry specific’ placement to experience real life at work.

Employers provide ‘job open vacancy’ for students to attend their place of work for 315hrs, approximately 45 days for work experience.

Students will enable you to increase your resources, by helping to carry out the tasks involved in running your business.

Employers can offer work experience to young people to gain vital skills about different workplaces and industries.

By providing a work experience placement ,employers can become an integral link in a student's career journey.

It can be part of a positive support network, aiding individuals to take their first steps into a successful career.

Employers will have the chance to find budding talent to join their team.


How Can Students Help My Business?

Students are chosen according to their qualifications. They can support you with:

  • Diary Management: stay on top of your busy schedule.
  • General administration: hand over the mundane and time-consuming administration tasks.
  • Social Media: create images for you to share, make comments on LinkedIn and tweets, follow people on Twitter, re-tweet, like and share LinkedIn updates, follow LinkedIn connections.
  • IT: on-line data gathering and verification, create a database of your ideal contacts.
  • Website updates: writing articles and creating blog posts and uploading images.

This is a great opportunity to get business support and give something back.


  • No payment is required. You can reward them for work well done at your discretion. If you wish to do so, you should discuss this with their Industrial Placement Officer.
  • You do need to cover their travel expenses.


  • Students will select roles from your job descriptions. An Industrial Placement Officer will accompany the student on their first day to meet you so they can establish there is a good fit and to cover Health and Safety checks.
  • Your business can be based anywhere in the West Midlands.
  • Students can work remotely but they should spend some time with you so they get experience in working in an office setting, COVID restrictions permitting.
  • A business can take on up to 10 students.


  • Students will work with you for 315 hours which is about 45 days. The placement starts in October and ends when they have completed their hours. You arrange with the student when they will work for you. You may have them work more during your busy periods and less when your business is quiet.
  • You agree the hours and days that suit your business and them.

How do I apply?

Colleges will start to open the portal from September 2021 where you can register your interest via email along with the job descriptions. We will forward you an agreement form to complete and then your information will be sent to college placement officers who will contact you to discuss further.

We tried to initiate this in 2020, which was a difficult year due to repeated closures. For organisations who still interested, please contact us.

Do I get paid?

There is a bursary supplied according to equipment and support required for the placement. Genisys ARCt will provide you with the HR and other support you need throughout this placement.

What do I need to have in place?

You need to have:

  • A simple job description for each work experience placement position. Genisys ARCt will support those who cannot produce a full job description. Please provide a job title and bullet points about the role.
  • A health and safety policy and risk assessment for all work placement activities and premises and a named person who is responsible for the ongoing supervision and support of the students.
  • An equal opportunities statement or policy and to accommodate any support needs for the students placed with you, as is reasonably practical.

If you have any questions, then please contact Hyacinth Shirley on 0121 706 3931 or email us at

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