About Us

Genisys ARCt is a charity that works to change the inequalities in migrant communities. Our objective is the prevention or relief of poverty by providing services to support those in need.


About Our Clients

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and many experience issues when attempting to access vital services and opportunities; due to language barriers; education, training and jobs. The effect on these communities has led some to become socially excluded from playing an active role for themselves and their families within the community.

We also operate in Guyana, South America to raise awareness of mental health, vector diseases domestic abuse and poverty issues.

We are proud of our achievements and successes and our latest project 'Welcome Volunteers' which is endorsed by United by Birmingham 2022.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ‘reduce poverty by eliminating barriers to employment and bridging the gaps between job seekers and employers in the UK and Guyana, South America.'