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Grow A Future

‘Grow A Future’ aims to support local communities to establish economical independence and sustainable nutritional health through Nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

Why Guyana?

There are communities that live in a poverty trap, which is a mechanism that makes it very difficult for them to escape poverty, they need external help.

Malnutrition and economical instability are fundamental causes for this malicious cycle.

Our Mission

The project starts from the donation of seeds, which allows us to set up a model community garden to educate the community on effective growth and the different benefits of seeds. Seeds will be distributed with their health benefits and use.

  • A free screening is held in the community to test for blood sugar levels and blood pressure. This allows to monitor the progress and help prevent key malnutrition-related non-communicable diseases.
  • Advice is given on money management, the importance of education and healthy lifestyle. As well as how to sell products to promote economical independence to educate the future.

The Poverty trap

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43.4% of the population lives on less than US$ 5.50 per person a day. (e.g., with a family of 4)

1:3 woman & 1:4 men in Guyana had diabetes or pre-diabetes due to malnutrition