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100% of our Clients rated their Customer Service experience with us as 'Very Positive.'

95% of our Clients said that we understood their questions and concerns 'Extremely Well.'

80% of our Clients said that the time it took us to address their questions and concerns was 'Much Shorter Than Expected.'

100% of our Clients said that they were 'Extremely Likely' to recommend our services to a friend or colleague.

Below are comments from a few of our satisfied clients:

"Would be very happy to give feedback on my experience with Genisys ARCt. The case that your team helped me with was my PIP, as I suffer from severe mental illness. I wasn’t given the correct amount that I deserve, so had to appeal. I was going to go to court but PIP changed their decision a few weeks before the date and gave me the correct amount. So my case was very successful. The lady who helped me with this exhausting case was Hyacinth Shirley, it was a very long exhausting case but Hyacinth was very understanding. Could have not done it without her. Thank you."

"It was very encouraging and helpful."

"The service was very good."

All data is taken from our Client Assessment Feedback Surveys as completed by our Clients.

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